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Windi Washington a Los Angeles, California native that began her career as an aspiring actress in her late-teens. Overtime, she gained entertainment experience behind-the-scenes and discovered that she had a strong niche as an entrepreneur. Becoming known as a visionary for her creative marketing ability to push any project to the next level. She worked for reputable companies as Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Creative Artist Agency, Vanity Fair Magazine and American Express Brokerage.

While gainfully employed and in school full-time, Windi launched a small business in 1996 called Maxi Wade Agency to consult, produce events, market and promote entertainment, fashion, beauty & lifestyle brands in Los Angeles and New York City. Maxi Wade Agency became incorporated in 2002, a privately owned entity.

In 2002, Windi expanded Maxi Wade Agency in the southeastern market to expand her business in talent management, emerging talent to push them to national markets for greater exposure. She held an audition to locate the best 30 out of 300 models & talent. Having a small roaster enabled her to give them individualized attention to develop careers in modeling, music, film and television recognized by SAG-AFTRA and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as Professional Representatives; and the rest is her story.

Today, she has earned and maintained her career titles, a multi-media production company Maxi Wade Media and Maxi Wade Studios subsidiary to Maxi Wade Agency a marketing agency, Maxi Wade Models & Talent Management. Whose mission is to curate, collaborate, creative direct and produce content in film, television, new media, fashion and beauty.

Maxi Wade Agency has become a go-to resource for discovering and connecting with influential brands around the globe.

Windi is an executive member at Women In Film, member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Screen Actors Guild-American Federation Television & Radio Arts and Alliance for Women In Media.